Castlevania ugly Christmas sweater

What says Christmas more than an 8-bit Dracula killer? Photo: Brian Clark Howard

This sweet ugly sweater bring smiles to those of us with fond memories of the classic video game series Castlevania.

First released in Japan in 1986, Konami’s side-scrolling, horror action-adventure game saw the plucky Belmont family of vampire hunters pitted against Dracula and his horde of undead baddies. The game launched into mainstream culture in the West when it was picked up by Nintendo and published on the NES. And it’s been rereleased and enjoyed for many years since, in various forms.

This sweater is a delightful mashup of geek, video game, and ugly sweater culture, all in one colorful, 8-bit package.

So conquer your ugly sweater fears and slay the crowd! Share your photos here.

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