Australia Canadian Thanksgiving jumper

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from Australia! Photos by Glennis

Glennis from Victoria, Australia shared these photos with us after ordering sweaters from Glennis said, “We were celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with the theme Ugly Christmas Jumpers. We had 16 for turkey, pumpkin pie, etc.”

Although Glennis lives Down Under, her daughter’s boyfriend is Canadian, so the family celebrated that holiday, which was on October 8 this year.

Those are some mighty jaunty jumpers! Looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing your family memories, Glennis.

This goes to show how truly international ugly jumpers/sweaters have really become!

Australia Canadian Thanksgiving jumper duo

Friends, family, and fun, no matter where you are in the world.

Woman in Australia Canadian Thanksgiving jumper

A jaunty penguin jumper is the international symbol of good times.

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