Breaking Bad ugly Christmas sweatshirt

Share your love of Breaking Bad and the holidays with this festive sweatshirt. Photo: Breaking Christmas

What would Walt and Jesse want for Christmas? I’m guessing peace in New Mexico and good will among meth heads. Or maybe just a new RV.

Breaking Bad is one of my favorite TV shows, so it’s been a delight to see various BB-themed stuff available this year.

Get your own Breaking Bad ugly Christmas sweatshirt (above) from Breaking Christmas, for only $24.99. Badger practically lives in his. I’m not sure Jesse would rock it without a hood, but here’s a vision of what it might look like:

Jesse Pinkman ugly Christmas sweater

If Jesse Pinkman rocked an ugly Christmas sweater. Photo Mock: Breaking Christmas

Nice photoshop, bitch.

For another classic look, consider this design from Redbubble for $25:

Breaking Bad design ugly Christmas sweater

Breaking Bad motifs look lovely in a classic ugly sweater design. Photo: Redbubble

This Mr. White sweater is also pretty fantastic:

Mr. White Ugly Christmas sweater

Ho Ho Ricin. Photo: digitalnoms/Imgur

Or rock a more subtle look with this $59 Heisenberg sweater from The One Who Knits (get it?):

Heisenberg ugly Christmas sweater

Mr. Danger. AKA Mr. Heisenberg to you, bitch. Photo: The One Who Knits

This art by Symphonikas would also look pretty great on a sweater, no?:

Walter White Breaking Bad Christmas

Wouldn’t this make a great sweater? Art: Symphonikas

You can also get this lovely T-shirt from Feistees:

Blue Christmas Breaking Bad t-shirt

Yay blue meth. Take that, regular snow. Photo: Feistees

And if you need to send a loved one a note this holiday season, why not use this heartfelt Christmas card from Jesse Pinkman:

Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad Christmas card

Thanks Jesse! Say hi to Bojack for us. Art: Vulture

Or for a more personal touch, check out this touching card from Etsy:

Yeah Bitch Jesse Pinkman Christmas card Breaking BAd

Aww, isn’t that sweet? Photo: Etsy

With New Year’s around the corner, you better call Saul.

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  1. joe ryan says:

    Hi I’m interested in the art above on Christmas jumper would it be possible to bye thanks

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