rock your ugly christmas sweater book coverRock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater contains over 200 full-color photos of people and pets in hilariously awful Christmas (and Hanukkah!) sweaters accompanied by funny captions.

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CNN Headline News


Agence France-Presse

Brian Clark Howard selling Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater


NPR’s Here & Now


The Today Show


Fox & Friends

Anne Marie Blackman on Fox and Friends


Fox & Friends (Second Appearance)

Anne Marie Blackman on Fox and Friends


Fox Business

Anne Marie Blackman on Fox Business


Dr. Oz Show

dr oz stand up to cancer su2c


New England Cable News


Global National (Canada) 


Why This Tradition of Ugly Christmas sweaters in the USA? (French Morning)


A Holiday Toast to Ugly Sweaters (Arizona Republic, front page story)

“‘Historically, holiday parties were really formal, but now, whenever I have a work party, I wear a holiday sweater and people just come up to me with a smile on their face,’ Clark Howard said. ‘It’s almost impossible to have a bad day in a sweater like this.

‘Ugly sweaters are so inherently fun.’”


It’s an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! 20 Amazingly Awful Looks (Yahoo Shine)

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day isn’t until December 20, so there’s still plenty of time to buy (hint: eBay is a goldmine) or make (YouTube tutorials galore!) the most ghastly and repugnant sweater you possibly can. Here, some inspiration for your ugly Christmas sweater hunt.”


15 Fantastically Ugly Holiday Sweaters (Mental Floss)

“While the originals are fun in that they were first worn without any hint of irony, the more modern ones are almost more fun because they really test the limits of how ugly a sweater can be.”


From office party to ugly Christmas sweater soiree: How to nail holiday looks for men (McClatchy)

“We find that the surest way to win an ugly Christmas sweater contest is to deck your duds out with lights,” Howard says. “LED holiday lights are cheap, widely available and only need a few batteries for hours of fun.”

Ugly Christmas sweaters become blindingly popular (Los Angeles Times)

“In the United States, California is the hub of the ugly Christmas party sweater,” said Anne Marie Blackman, who co-wrote the recently released book “Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater” and designs ugly knits that have been worn by comedians Jimmy Fallon and Rosie O’Donnell.


Ugly Christmas sweaters are the season’s hot holiday craze (

“Anne Marie Blackman is on the front lines of the zany trend. The Vermont author of “Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater” started selling the sweaters as costumes on eBay four years ago. She said her business “just took off. Like, crazy took off.” This year alone, she said her website,, has quadrupled its sales traffic. It’s also expanded to include, yup, ugly Hanukkah sweaters.”


Bad Taste, All in Fun (The New York times, print December 16, 2012 and online)

Slideshow: Ugly Sweaters Are All the Rage

“WHEN did it first start, the moment when the holiday sweater morphed from seasonal horror to cultural touchstone, an article of outrageously bad knitwear as popular among Williamsburg beard farmers as the Metamucil set?”


Tips for rocking the ugly Christmas sweater trend (that’s here to stay) (Washington Post Style Blog)

“Thanks to Brian Clark Howard you don’t have to wade blindly into these snowflake-filled waters.

“Howard, who co-authored Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater, a printed homage to the tackiest of holiday parties, has some tongue-in-cheek guidance for the uninitiated.”


Why we buy those crazy, ugly holiday sweaters (

“An ugly Christmas sweater would be something that would make people look and laugh and go, ‘Oh my God, why are you wearing that?’ ” said Blackman, who features plenty of examples in her book, “Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater.”


Gossip Girl Holiday Cards (Gossip Girl)

“Want to spread holiday cheer to all your friends and family on the Upper East Side? Behold: four exclusive Gossip Girl-themed holiday cards complete with your favorite characters dressed in the tackiest, ugliest Christmas sweaters we could find with the help from the book Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater.


A little blogger’s Christmas: Hassliche Pullis, bunte Kekse, lustige Katzenfotos (der Standard, Austria)

“Motto: ‘Keep calm – and wear your ugly christmas sweater’.”


Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Hilarious Photos (Yahoo Shine and Yahoo front page)

“The ugly Christmas sweater party is one of the weirdest trends of the holiday season. In 2001, Jordan Birch and Chris Boyd threw the first official party in Vancouver, Canada. Their hope was to have the “cheesiest, most feel-good Christmas party ever.” When photos from the event went viral, people starting throwing their own parties, encouraging friends to find the ugliest sweaters possible. Now, the gatherings are more popular than ever. Thrift stores are often cleaned out by December. A new book documents the trend: Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater, by Anne-Marie Blackman and Brian Clark Howard. Here are a few of our favorite looks from this collection of hilarious photos of people rocking their ugly Christmas sweaters with pride.”


Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater (Read Junk review) 

“This book was really amusing to look at and read the captions. I must say there’s a lot of freakin’ ugly sweaters out there. Maybe this book should have included a barf bag?”


Ugly Christmas Sweaters Spread Far and Wide (National Geographic News Watch)

“Ugly” Christmas sweaters have been around for decades, but their popularity has been soaring the past few years. Many people are dressing up in festive knits throughout the winter holidays; some because they think it is “ironic” to don the garments of yesteryear, others because they just like the way they feel in them.”

Review: Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater (Boston Bibliophile)

“Do you like wearing “ugly” Christmas sweaters? Well, here’s your ultimate ugly-sweater-style-guide. Divided into helpful chapters like “Homemade Hits and Misses,” “Pets Rocking Ugly Christmas Sweaters” and “Rock Christmas in July,” this book displays a wide array of the crazy, the tacky and the just-plain-wonderful when it comes to Christmas sweaters.”


Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Indeed! (Brenda Writes a Blog)  

“Personally, I’m thinkin’ it’s worth the $10 just for the LOL’s.  It would also make a GREAT gag gift.  (In fact, some of these sweaters are so ugly you might actually gag).”


Celebrating the Magic of Ugly Christmas Sweaters (Huffington Post)

“Perhaps the best thing about producing a book on ugly Christmas sweaters is that my co-author (Anne Marie Blackman of and I get to share funny holiday photos, and thus memories, not just with our families, but with people from all over the world.”


Tis the Season for Ugly Christmas Sweaters! (The Daily Green)
Tacky Christmas Sweaters Make the Holidays Fun! (The Daily Green)
Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men (The Daily Green)
Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Women (The Daily Green)

“Now, you can own all the inspiration you’ll ever need, with the new book Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater.”


Green your holidays with an ugly Christmas sweater (Eco-Snobbery Sucks)

“One of the great things about ugly Christmas sweaters is that they are inherently green. They can involve all 3 Rs: reduce (wear old sweaters instead of buying new stuff), reuse (wear them year after year), and recycle (many are upcycled from old generic sweaters). Ugly Christmas sweaters are green without any extra effort. They are truly transgenerational, and bring families and friends together for holiday cheer.”


Rock that ugly Christmas sweater (seriously!) (Mother Nature Network)

“If you’re needing inspiration (or just need to convince a friend or relative that wearing your hideous holiday knitwear is legitimately a “thing” these days, look no further than the brand-new “Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater” book, which gathers together some pretty darn ugly examples of the genre. It’s a great stocking-stuffer and will definitely get some giggles from all generations at your Christmas gathering.”


Deck the Halls in Ugly Christmas Sweaters (

“Nothing says holiday cheer better than a brash Christmas sweater—and the uglier, the better.”


Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Book Will Bring Your Fam the True Joy of the Season (Laughter!) (Eco-Chick)

“Consider this book a stocking stuffer AND entertainment all Christmas week long. And who knows? Maybe the mutual shared amusement this book brings about will get Uncle Bob or Grandma to dig out their most crazy-ridiculous sweater and you can be part of the silly Christmas sweater movement this holiday.”


Best Gifts Under $25 (Fitness magazine)

“Anne Marie Blackman and Brian Clark Howard instantly squash holiday stress within a few page flips of Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater book. See if you can top it by hosting your own ugly sweater party.”


Photo Fest: 15 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You’d Never Wear (Reader’s Digest)

“Who’s up to party? This is one ugly Christmas sweater bright enough for Times Square on New Year’s Eve.”


Cheap Ugly Christmas Sweaters (Squidoo)

“This book features 200 pictures of people wearing abominable sweaters. Some are intentionally bad, while others are merely the product of a tackier time. In either case, you’ll get a kick out of looking at the photos and reading the humorous captions. Not only can it inspire you in your quest for the perfect sweater, but could also serve as cool white elephant gift.”


The Yule Log 365

“I saw that Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater was published in early October, and it looks like the 200+ photos of people and pets at their holiday ugliest will be a best-seller.”

“Thumbing through the small book, I figure it would make a great stocking stuffer and maybe a good door prize if you are planning your own ugly sweater party.”


3 WINNERS! Hilarious “Rock Your Ugly Sweater” book (for the fashionista on your holiday list) (Susan Said…What?!)

“The laugh-out-loud funny book features more than 200 full-color photos of people (and pets) rocking hilariously awful Christmas sweaters, accompanied by imaginative captions.”


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