Stranger Things ugly Christmas sweater

Show your love of Stranger Things this holiday season with this festified sweater. From Gnarly Tees

Have you been watching the hit Netflix show Stranger Things? If not, you are missing out. If so, then why not rock up your holidays this season with some clever fan pride?

Make like Winona Ryder and hang some flashing lights to receive messages from another dimension. Or just get the sweater above and pay homage to that unique form of communication.

Or if that vintage sweater look isn’t quite your thing, check out this colorful sweater from Bonanza (complete with the Upside Down and the Demogorgon!):

Stranger Things ugly Christmas sweater with Demogorgon

Stranger Things looks lovely on an ugly Christmas sweater. From Bonanza

Or, if you are looking for something that incorporates that fantastic vintage Stranger Things font, here’s another option, from Etsy:

Or finally, if you want to stick it to the mouth breathers, and show your support for everyone’s favorite van-flipping girl, Eleven, then consider this great sweater from Etsy:

Eleven Stranger Things ugly Christmas sweater

Don’t mess with Eleven. From Etsy

If you want another smile, check out this LEGO Stranger Things remake.

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