I’m not a fan of some world records. Get as many people as you can named Bob together on a Wednesday to jump up and down while wearing jorts and blowing bubbles, and you’ve set a new record… for something totally arbitrary.

Set enough criteria and anyone can set any record they want. Call me old school, but I prefer the records that blew me away as a kid, when I flipped through the Guinness book in my school library at lunch time. My favorite was the guy with the world’s longest fingernails, but I was also fascinated by world’s tallest man, world’s shortest person, and longest swim.

But most ugly sweaters worn at one time? That’s a record I can get behind!

In the amusing clip above, Jimmy Kimmel’s showmate Guillermo goes for the gold by donning 25 ugly Christmas sweaters at once.

“You’re like a one-man ugly sweater party,” Jimmy told him.

Guillermo looks increasingly uncomfortable as the knits come on. At one point he says he feels like a pinata. At another, he says he’d like some tequila.

By number 18, Guillermo says he feels like a sausage.

At the end, all he can say is, “Thank god it’s over.”

How many ugly Christmas sweaters have you worn at once?

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