Christmas tree ugly sweater, with hat and candy cane

She’ll get those tps reports by hook or by crook. Photo: Anne Marie Blackman/

You’ve found (or made) an epic ugly Christmas sweater. Congratulations! Welcome to the ugly club! But what to pair with it, to complete the ugly ensemble?

You can make like the fab lady above and make yourself a rockin’ tree hat. A bit of garland and a giant candy cane, and you are ready to ring in the fun.

If you’re more into an urban look, why not an ugly sweater cap?

Or, make like these fun-loving folks and whip up a giant fake Santa beard:

couple wearing matching ugly christmas sweaters and santa beards

Mr. & Mrs. Claus win 1st Place in the Couples Category Photo: A.M. Blackman

That doesn’t look itchy at all.

And what to wear on the bottom? A tree skirt is always nice. Or perhaps some tasteful festive leggings.

For a little more pop, check out some ugly earrings, a garish necklace, or maybe a jingle bell headband:

jingle bell headband

Jingle bell bling. Photo: Amazon

Now, if it only came in pink, Alex Morgan could rock it to 11.

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