Three ugly Christmas sweaters

Leaders of their community ham it up in ugly Christmas sweaters. Photo: Anne Marie Blackman, RockYourUglyChristmasSweater.comebr

Today is Black Friday, and my sister woke up before 4 am to go shopping. This year, Black Friday actually started even earlier, with many stores opening for special hours on Thanksgiving Day itself.

Not everyone likes that, with some arguing that one of our nation’s biggest holidays shouldn’t be commercialized any more than it already is. Others complain that store workers have to break away from their families, especially since many of them make minimum wage.

Here at Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater, we’re enjoying time off from work with our families. We don’t plan on shopping today, but we may spend some time lounging about in ugly Christmas sweaters.

If you do decide to hit the stores, why not brighten up everyone’s day by rocking your own ugly Christmas sweater? (And share your pics!)

If you are looking for an ugly sweater, now may be the time to get serious, because thrift stores are likely to sell out soon. Specialty retailers may as well, and don’t forget about shopping online.

Good luck!

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