Gangam style ugly Christmas sweater

Ugly Gangam style! Photo: Neatorama

Sometimes the best things are homemade, and ugly Christmas sweaters are no exception. We looked around the web and through our archives, and came up with this small roundup of some of the best in homemade ugly goodness. Oppa ugly Gangnam style!

Now show us your ugly!

And tell us, which is your favorite homemade ugly sweater?

Barfing reindeer ugly Christmas sweater

This reindeer must have eaten too many Christmas cookies. Photo: The Rustic Corner, Pinterest

Feel the Joy Ugly Christmas sweater

We’re feelin’ the joy all right. Photo: The Rustic Corner, Pinterest

Licking pole ugly Christmas sweater

Lick that pole! Credit: Etsy

Ugly Santa Christmas sweater

Cyrano de Santa Claus? Credit: Kill My Day Now

Heather holloway Heatherholloway1212

There’s a whole lot going on here. Photo: Heather Holloway

Ugly Santa sweater

This ugly Santa sweater is larger than life. Outtake from Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater book. Photo: Anne Marie Blackman,

Santa beard ugly Christmas sweater

That’s quite a beard!

The Foundry ugly Christmas sweater party winner

This guy took the prize for the “best overall sweater” at an ugly sweater contest. Photo: The Foundry at Summit Pond, Killington VT

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