#putasweateronit Obama

#putasweateronit Mr. President. Hail to the Ugly-in-Chief!

Our own Anne Marie created this hilarious meme for My Ugly Christmas Sweater. Here’s her thoughts on it:

The #putasweateronit hashtag is a creation that takes a look at people (and objects) that look a lot better wearing a Christmas sweater. There’s some people out there that should cover up those naughty bits and #putasweateronit. Then there’s some people who we would like to see lighten up with their wardrobe and rock a festive sweater. Tis the season for Christmas sweaters, and we’ve put some of our favorite sweaters on some special photos.

Which one is your favorite?

#putasweateronit Queen Elizabeth II

#putasweateronit Your Majesty. This will be perfect for tea time.

#putasweateronit Putin

#putasweateronit Putin. You’ll be the pride of Crimea.

David, #putasweateronit

Hey David, #putasweateronit. Classical ugly.

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