big bow ugly Christmas sweaters with lights

You can see these ugly Christmas sweaters from space. Photo: Anne Marie Blackman,

There are a lot of ugly Christmas sweater parties planned for this weekend (yes!). We have a few listed on our parties page, but there are probably a lot more out there, so don’t worry if you don’t see one in your neighborhood.

To find an ugly Christmas sweater party, try looking in your local paper or doing some Googling. If there’s nothing planned yet, it’s not too late to throw your own bash.

If you don’t have time to plan a whole party, ask some friends to do an “ugly Christmas sweater bar crawl” with you. (I’ll be heading to one in D.C. on Saturday.)

The guys in the picture above certainly know how to rock ugly Christmas sweaters. They’re actually radio DJs in San Diego, sounds like a cool job.

The guy in the right is killing it in an original ugly sweater by our own Anne Marie. Get a load of that bow! The lights really make it pop.

The other gents are looking sharp in a pair of ugly Christmas sweater vests, one also with lights. Very niiiice.

So if you have an event this season that includes a contest for the ugliest holiday sweater, you know what to do. Think big. Think bold. Think lights. And share your pics!

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