Picture of Adam Brody in an ugly Christmas sweater with Rachel Bilson from The OC

Ugly angst: Adam Brody rocks an ugly Christmas sweater on The OC with Rachel Bilson.

Adam Brody rocked a classic vintage ugly Christmas sweater in The OC episode ‘The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah” (say that three times fast). We’re sure a tacky Christmas sweater is just the thing to stop those cool California breezes, while adding some stylish, festive cheer.

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2 Responses to The OC Represents in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

  1. Kieara says:

    Do you make chrismukka sweaters??
    Me and my best friend are massive OC fans and im looking for an ugly sweater with chrismukka written on the front. If not do you have any ideas on how i can get one?

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