Homemade ugly Christmas sweater bling

Someone is ready for the holidays!

If you need a little inspiration for the holidays, why not raid your craft drawer? Or maybe the office supply room?

The sweaters on this page are outstanding examples of how one can never add too much bling to a holiday sweater, whether homemade like these or store bought. Candy canes, ornaments, pine cones, and garland, bring it on!

But also don’t forget such inspired touches as paperclips, cards, ribbons, and even work IDs. Because when it comes to festive sweaters, there’s no such thing as too much.

Now that’s one holiday work party we’d like to be invited to!

Get more great homemade festive sweater ideas, and share your pictures.

Tree homemade ugly Christmas sweater

Spread your wings… and fly to festive ugly! Via Carol Bailey-Norcross

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