Picture of penguin Funky Christmas Jumpers

These penguin Funky Christmas Jumpers are adorbs.

Ireland’s Funky Christmas Jumpers spreads the holiday cheer through the Emerald Isle. Well-known Irish broadcaster Ryan “Tubs” Tubridy is a fan, as these pictures prove. Tubs has rocked the funky jumpers on his Late Late Toy Show.

Fabio from Funky Christmas Jumpers told us this year is his site’s fifth, and will feature some exciting new products, so check it out.


Picture of Ryan Tubridy Tubs in Funky Christmas Jumper

Irish broadcaster Ryan “Tubs” Tubridy kicks back with a Funky Christmas Jumper.

Picture of Ryan Tubridy Tubs in red ugly Christmas sweater

Go Tubs, go Tubs!

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