candy canes ugly Christmas sweater

This DIY candy cane ugly Christmas sweater was a real crowd pleaser as the night wore on. Photo: Brian Clark Howard,

Last weekend my coworker Julie Milleson invited me to an ugly Christmas sweater-themed bar crawl, in a hip district of DC called H Street. I showed up rocking the big guns, my sweater with the flashing lights and the singing, dancing reindeer trio (although most people think it looks more like a moose).

Still, I have to give big props to my neighbors and coworkers, who showed up in some very impressively ugly sweaters. Some were recently bought online, some were a little naughty, some were blinged out with lights, and some were homemade.

In fact, a few friends spent a lot of time crafting some truly unique festive finery.

I only made it to three of the venues, since I had prior plans, but what I saw was truly inspiring.

Which is your favorite?

Advent ugly Christmas sweater and ugly sweater vest

The woman on the right made her sweater from an advent calendar. The date can be moved via snowflake on a string. Photo: Brian Clark Howard,

homemade ugly Christmas sweater

Thumbs up for homemade ugly sweaters! Photo: Brian Clark Howard,

drunk seals ugly Christmas sweater

Yes, these are drunk seals partying. Photo: Brian Clark Howard,

naughty gingerbread men ugly Christmas sweater

These gingerbread men are a little naughty. Note the one on the end. Photo: Brian Clark Howard,

traditional ugly Christmas sweater

Looking good! Photo: Brian Clark Howard,

Ugly Christmas sweaters with lights

Nice lights! Photo: Brian Clark Howard,

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One Response to Neighborhood Ugly Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl

  1. Jo Seale says:

    where can I get a drunk seal jumper please?! Just love it

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