Shitter's Full National Lampoons Christmas Vacation ugly Christmas sweater

Shitter’s full! Via Amazon

Like many of us, my favorite holiday movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which has been bringing laughs and joy since 1989. Who could forget the lovable Griswold family and Clark’s epic attempt to celebrate a good old fashioned Christmas, despite all odds.

From Snots the dog nosin’ through the trash to a kitty wrapped in a package, there’s fun for the whole family!

And who could forget the lovable Cousin Eddie, who rocks the unforgettable dickey and white sweater combo. You too can share in that joy. Or mix it up with these great new sweaters, which prove the laughs just keep on comin’.

Why is the carpet all wet, todd ugly Christmas sweater

Via Amazon

I Don't Know Margo ugly Christmas sweater

Via Amazon

Save the neck for me Clark ugly Christmas sweater

Honoring the best turkey on TV. Via Amazon

You Serious, Clark National Lampoons t-shirt

Oh Clark is always serious. Via Amazon

Griswold Family Christmas ugly sweater

Now that’s a fun holiday! Via Amazon

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