Cover cat ugly Christmas sweater

Ugly sweater cat says “bah humbug!” Photo: Alli Valentine

This is one of our favorite photos from Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater (it is even featured on the cover!). The kitty’s gray fur makes a nice contrast to the bright colors of the knit.

And kitty’s expression is priceless. We can almost hear the growling at the indignity.

Fact is, people love dressing up their pets, and the holidays are certainly no exception. In the book, we compiled a full chapter of hilarious photos of animals rocking ugly sweaters, from this feline above to dogs, horses, a pig, even a sugar glider, in what might be one of the world’s smallest ugly Christmas sweaters.

Some people spend many hours knitting intricate outfits for their furry friends, while others get a pre-made kit from a pet store. Some decide to improvise with what they have lying around (que the horse in the tree skirt from the book).

Have you dressed your pets up in ugly Christmas sweaters?

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